FearLess – (Re)Developing Support for PTSD

FearLess – (Re)Developing Support for PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) affects approximately 12% of Australians throughout their lives. Despite it's high prevalence PTSD has only been diagnosable since the 1980s, having been misdiagnosed and ignored in patients for decades beforehand. Resources and support for PTSD sufferers have increased significantly since then, but for many the condition remains a distressing and isolating force. One such organisation fighting back against PTSD is FearLess Outreach - a non-profit Devika have been proud to work alongside to redevelop their website.

FearLess’ vision is to:

"create a coordinated network of outreach and support services to help those with lived experience of PTSD and their families regain control over their daily lives”.

PTSD can be caused by any number of events that have caused a person to fear for their life or safety, or the life or safety of another person. Combat roles, accidents, assaults and even natural disasters can cause PTSD, with the condition negatively affecting almost every aspect of a person’s life. But the disorder is treatable, and FearLess work tirelessly to address PTSD by developing a network of support services for sufferers and their families.

FearLess play a vital role in our communities by providing support to those with PTSD and their families. SourceAs part of the Devika Cares program, the Devika team have been developing a new website for FearLess Outreach. Devika regards FearLess as having an important role in maintaining community well-being, and as such subsidised the cost of the website build. The Devika team aren’t psychologists or doctors - we can’t directly help those with PTSD. But we can help by reducing the costs involved with FearLess’ digital transformation. Meaningful business practices are important to Devika, and the work of FearLess is about as meaningful as you can get. We believe that as a non-profit, FearLess should be able to invest as much as they can in helping those with PTSD, not be overly weighed down with administrative costs.

While it might only seem like a cosmetic change, a new, modernised website will help the organisation by increasing their online presence, creating a better SEO ranking and keeping their organisation current. In theory, these changes will help FearLess increase their overall presence and, therefore, be able to support more people with PTSD. The work of FearLess restores control to the lives of people with PTSD - that’s a cause we can all get behind.

For more information about FearLess Outreach visit their website.